Establishment of the Office of Career Services


Following the Government directive through the Ministry of Education to establish the Office of Career Services (OCS), the division of Academic and Student’s Affairs has undertaken the same.


The current global challenges across all economic sectors is placing new demands on workers skills and competencies and changing the skill set required in the 21st century workplace. This changing skill set is both expanding employment opportunities and imposing new demands on employees. Basic industrial skills are now considered essential for people entering the workforce and for those trying to find a better job.


The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education  now consider skilled workforce as a strategic way to meet economic growth, promote competitiveness, and improve business productivity as well as industrialization. The introduction of this Office of Career Services will assist in preparedness of University graduates to meet the market demands and expectations.  The Job market is competitive but graduates are heavily relying on employment yet they can also be equipped to be job creators.



This office endeavors not only to produce academic but all round professionals with a competitive edge over others on the job market. Universities that have embraced this concept like; Harvard, Princeton, Oxford and Pennsylvania, Strathmore, Kenyatta University, USIU have not only churned out competitive graduates but have also attained worldwide prominence.


Our ultimate goal: to make Kibabii University a global hub of academic, career and holistic development of not only productive but responsible and virtues laden citizens. Additionally this will provide an opportunity for the graduates to have a comparatively seamless transition from learning to earning than is the case presently.


Programs and activities

The Office of Career Services is tasked with numerous functions including:

  • Academic Advisory
  • Career Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Graduate Tracker Services
  • Industrial Linkages
  • High School Recruitment
  • Intra/Inter i institutional Exchanges
  • Apprenticeship
  • Alumni Networks
  • Entrepreneurial Incubation
  • Student Ambassadorship
  • Career Fairs
  • Venture Capital Services


Implementation matrix for OCS Functions

Here below are the functions, where they are domiciled and the role of OCS in enhancing the operations.


S.No. Activity Functions Where is it placed now How will OCS enhance
1. Academic Advisory

·         Help students make educational plans.

·         Advice on academic progression.

·         Help students understand academic excellence.

·         Help students deal with identified barriers to career success.

·         Increase transition thro’ academic support.

·         Academic Advisory Careers & Mentorship Office ·         Take over as OCS function
2. Career Service

·         Give career counselling

·         Do career tests and Assessments

·         Enhance class presentation workshops

·         Prepare job dairies

·         Create alumni association

·         Create job database

·         AACMP Office ·         Take it up as OCS function
3. Counselling Services

·         Functions

·         Counsel students in psycho-sociological problems

·         Empower students manage stress & conflict resolution

·         Help students  manage their self & educational

·         Dean of students

·         How OCS will relate to it

·         Induct in career to double up as career & psycho social counsel

4. Graduate Tracker Services

·         Make tools to asses students achievement & progression after graduation

·         Keep tracking records for all graduates

·         None existent ·         OCS will initiate & manage
5. Linkage with industries

·         Build sustainable partnerships with industries

·         Create linkage between training and industry through attachment

·         Managed by Deans ·         Help in coordination & record keeping
6. High school recruitment

·         Visit school for mentorship

·         Visit schools during career fairs

·         Invite and advice students on campus

·         In AACMP ·         OCS will take over and continue it
7. Intra-institutional  Exchanges

·         Create collaborations with  other local  & international institutions on staff & students

·         Sign MOUs in areas of co-operation & exchange

·         Director Research & Extension ·         Help in coordination
8. Apprenticeship Services

·         Create a mentorship link between employers and trainees

·         Create in training attachments

·         Create data base of mentors & organization in line with courses

·         Encourage voluntary service

·         None existent ·         Initiate & grow mentorship & voluntary services
9. Establish Alumni Network

·         Create a database of all alumni

·         Establish & run vibrant alumni associations

·         Motivate alumni to mobilize resources

·         Use alumni to mentor & maintain university traditions & values

·         Non existent ·         OCS initiate & grow the alumni association
10. Create an Entrepreneur Incubator

·         Identify students with entrepreneurial ideas (keep data).

·         Establish an incubator to develop & nurture talents

·         Director Research & Extension

·         Coordinate the activities

·         Keep data

11. Student Ambassadors

·         Identify students who can act as peer mentors (role models)

·         Select leaders to establish alumni cells everywhere

·         Inspires who are doing well in job world to motivate trainees

·         Help in attachment networks & scholarships

·         None existent ·         Initiate & grow by selecting student mentors
12. Recruitment Career Fairs

·         Identify and invite potential employers

·         Organize career fairs/week

·         Establish job networks

·         Seek internship opportunities

·         AACMP Office ·         Take up and grow career fairs
13. Venture Capital

·         Expose students to potential investors

·         Link students to potential donors

·         Take students to trade fairs, shows, and exhibitions to show case talent

·         Establish potential partners to share business opportunities

·         Director Research & extension ·         Coordinate with DRE to growth venture capital